Looking for Quality Service at a Low Rate? Well, Look No Further.....

Avoid the High Cost of Inefficient Management

If you are tired of spending time shopping for, bringing a new manager up to speed, and loosing building information when changing property managers, it is time to try a new approach - choose the best value.

Whether you are home or not we are always there, Introducing Capital Shield Property Management. Specifically designed for owners who are away from their homes for any part of the year.

We have a team that has over 20 years experience in the multi-housing, single owner Property Management, as well as having marketing experience in the same industry, professionally moving qualified tenants to your property.

-  Services for homes in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

-  Physical inspection of your property.

-  Prevent maintenance problems before they occur.

-  React faster to maintenance emergencies in order to
avoid small problems becoming more costly.

- Courteous and immediate response time to tenants and owners.

- Full professional marketing of your property, with full criminal and credit reports from prospective tenants.

- Give comparison market rates for your rental property.

- Handle evictions, in a timely fashion.We will take care of your property as you and to help maintain it's value.

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